CEM Business Solutions launched “CEM Tech Forum” in UAE

CEM Business Solutions launched the Tech Forum Event in UAE, after a series of events for its members in different demographics. The event aimed at exploring the present state and evolution of Dynamics AX 2012.

Participants shared knowledge and insights on automating business processes through the use of technology (ERP) with industry counterparts and experts.­

CEM Business Solutions at the Microsoft Dynamics Sales Kick-off Event – FY15

CEM recently traveled down to New Orleans, for the Microsoft Dynamics Sales Kick-off Event. A separate booth was booked for CEM audience.

Visitors at the CEM booth were given a detailed description on CEM AX Payroll / CEM AX HCM software. The common business issues, the products as a solution and their benefits were the major topic of discussion at the event. The guests were treated with gifts and CEM wallets.

The benefits of the products laid a stepping stone for new business opportunities by creating appointments for demos and presentations.

CEM Business Solutions launched “CEM Tech Forum” in Qatar

In the success path of CEM Business Solutions, it planted a new milestone. CEM launched “CEM Tech Forum” in Qatar on 16th September 2014. The Tech Forum events are to be held as a platform to share ideas on business issues and common interest. With an experience of handling over hundreds of events, speakers and topics, CEM has a plan to organize around 6 events per year in Qatar.

The launch event of “CEM Tech Forum” covered an introduction and details about CEM Tech Forum events in the past, and Qatar IT needs, expectations from the participants.

CEM Business Solutions on a success mission in Qatar

Just one year after being launched in the Qatar market, CEM has managed to complete three successful implementations and is now gearing up to complete a few more. The recently completed implementations were for QSL (Qatar Star League), ITC (International Tire Centre) and Q-tires.

CEM implemented the AX 2012 system at the ITC, a distributor of Good Year and Falcon tires for Qatar and Bahrain, with the intention of improving their inventory and supply chain management. The system proved to be immensely useful in streamlining and controlling their inventory services while also drastically improving their supply chain management systems.

Also, CEM successfully implemented the AX 2012 retail system at Q-tires, the retail arm of the ITC, to provide a wider and more accessible channel for sales while also acquiring detailed demographic information which helped in mammoth business growth.

CEM was also instrumental in providing ERP services to the Qatar Star league which is a leading all-star football league in the country. After carefully analyzing the need of the hour, CEM successfully implemented the CEM HCM and CfMD certified CEM AX Payroll for the QSL. This system proved to be an incomparable when it came to workforce management. The system provided easy solutions to capturing player attendance while holding up-to-date data on their fitness and performances. Also, the payroll process for regular employees and professional players were simplified. The system’s interface with ZAM time and attendance system proved to avoid attendance redundancy.

With three such amazing and successful implementations in Qatar, CEM is fast growing to be one of the most sought after IT solutions companies known for their service attitude and timely consultations and implementations. Also, these success stories have CEM raging for more.

Our new decennium!


A decade of unbelievable laurels, innovation, collaboration, and amazing discoveries…

Two keywords that flash into our mind when thinking about CEM are diligence and consistency! Having carved out a special place for itself in this competitive software sphere, CEM on Dec 25, 2013 celebrated tenth year of its establishment at Dubai office with great vigour and heartiness. Theme dressed in “red”, the entire CEM family indirectly implied that their “Developments will never stop!”

It was great to see all happy faces dancing until their feet fell off with the multitude of games organized! Inculcating teamwork was the “collage work” with the simple papers - the split up three teams went ahead in depicting CEM’s global reach over the span of ten years innovatively… Reeling over the yesteryears’ fun were games including, musical chair and lemon the spoon! Here are the pictures from this high-spirited event…

Thrilled is the whole house of CEM with this accomplishment! We are thankful to every one of you who have strived hard with lot of trust, instilling the truth that by standing together we will achieve a better world for all… Cheers!