Customize Microsoft Dynamics solutions with certified (CfMD) Add-ons.

Every organization faces unique challenges specific to its business and industry. A single solution rarely meets all the requirements of the industry.

As CEM is customer-centric, it invests in developing new industry specific, add-on solutions, to custom-tailor the power of Microsoft Dynamics to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Some add-ons solve very specific problems for individual customers. Others provide Industry specific solutions, like CEM AX Construct for the construction industry. Still others act as modules to bolster functionally horizontally across all industries, such as CEM AX Payroll and CEM AX HCM. If you don’t see the kind of add-on functionality here, that you need, contact us. If we don’t have it, we’ll build it.


Solid human capital management solution that assist in building a team of talented workforce to gain competitive advantage

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CEM AX Payroll

Powerful payroll processing software that assists in managing the payroll processes and improving employee morale and productivity

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