Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) is Microsoft Corp.'s highest standard for partner-developed software. Solutions that are certified for Microsoft Dynamics have demonstrated development quality and compatibility with the Microsoft Dynamics product on which they run by passing rigorous software testing for Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, the Microsoft Dynamics partner must have customers who are successfully using the certified solution and are willing to recommend it. Plus, the developer must be a Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Program. CEM's in-house solution CEM AX Payroll is a CfMD product.

Benefits of a CfMD product are:

  • It was developed by a certified and reputable Independent Software Vendor
  • It was designed for a unique business and industry need
  • It has been tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • It has been used and recommended by other companies
  • It has low-risk, is fast to implement, and simple to maintain
  • It is properly supported and protected
  • Meets industry-specific requirements and local language, tax, and government regulations