Intense global competition, increased material and labour costs, inadequacy in technically skilled workforce, changing technology are some of the challenges plaguing manufacturers across the globe. CEM’s comprehensive experience in providing solutions for manufacturing industries has helped businesses, overcome the challenges posed by the ever evolving requirements from the customers.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics AX, CEM’s Dynamics AX for Manufacturing ERP, helps increase manufacturing efficiency through optimized production planning, real-time inventory information and cognate quality management. CEM helps improve profitability through automated finances, improved resource and supply chain management and enhanced customer relationship. CEM’s ERP tool reduces losses, by improved compliance management, reduced production costs, and timely reports.

Benefits of CEM Manufacturing ERP module:

  • Enhanced control over business processes and supports the organization with a purpose-built technology structure.
  • Role Tailored, easy to use user interface, reduces training time and improves productivity.
  • Responds to changing business conditions, corrects capacity imbalances, and tracks sustainability.
  • Adapts to changing regulatory requirements and processes with Manufacturing Industry's model-driven methodology.
  • Enhances collaboration and communication between employees, suppliers, customers and partners.

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