The construction industry is constantly and rapidly evolving. An adept construction management strategy is the key to successful completion of a construction project. CEM AX Construct provides solutions for construction project management to overcome the challenges posed by a construction project with immaculate precision.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP is a transcendent construction ERP software. CEM, being one of the Microsoft partners, has developed the CEM AX Construct on the Dynamics AX platform. The construction management ERP software is built for ready use and provides unrivalled functionalities for contractors, sub-contractors and project managers.

The construction ERP software seamlessly integrates all activity data and provides impromptu reports and solutions. This AX construction module provides flexible and fluent interface, in compliance with the nature of the project and quality norms.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP articulates finance, accounting, project management, inventory control and sub-contracts, for effortlessly monitoring the overall project.

CEM has added the following modules to Dynamics AX 2012, to provide specialized customer specific ERP solutions.

  • Advanced Project Management
  • Subcontract Management
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Workforce Augmentation
  • Plant, Machineries and Vehicles
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Concrete Purchase
  • Management Tools

Special features offered by CEM AX Construct

  • Managing subcontract is made easy, with simple access to monitor the scope and progress of the work. The construction ERP software helps track advances, invoices, legal documents, material issued etc. effortlessly.
  • Managing the workforce has never been simpler. AX ERP for construction helps oversee the workforce trade agreements, worksheets, payment, food and accommodation etc.
  • The Construction management software provides a flexible environment based on the scope and character of project. It offers secured access to project information and generates advanced reports.
  • CEM AX Construct allows the creation of an inventory hierarchy and categorizes accordingly. It efficiently manages the inventory and assists in budgeting.
  • This unique construction module efficiently keeps track of Plant Machinery or Vehicle (PMV) purchase, rental, returns, fuel consumption, schedules etc.
  • Microsoft AX for construction proficiently handles workforce accommodation, camp capacity planning, food expenses, cost allocation etc.

CEM AX Construct makes precision, time and money management, its paramount priority. The AX construction module has been responsible for successful completion of several major projects in UAE, USA, UK, Singapore and India.

Benefits offered by CEM AX Construct

  • User-friendly interface
  • Manage project efficiency
  • Complete control of project finances
  • Subcontractor tracking and Management
  • Better control over procurement
  • Scalability of operations
  • Better equipment utilization
  • Reduced inventory levels

Make your construction project management a breeze with the CEM AX Construct software.

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