Considering the magnitude of construction projects, it becomes vital to select the right ERP software for the successful completion of a project, within a finite time and budget framework. ERP system benefits and functionalities offered by CEM AX Project-Pro, makes it the best choice for managing projects efficiently.

Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, CEM AX Project-Pro offers solutions for both top management and planners. Delivery of high standard projects at the speculated time is guaranteed.

CEM AX Project Pro transforms the entire process of project management with superior planning, improved management and high service levels.

In order to widen the scope of the ERP software to suit the needs of the customer, CEM has added several modules to Microsoft Dynamics AX software.

Special features offered by CEM AX Project-Pro

  • Helps making competitive bids based on reliable financial and operational data and thus enhances the chances of successfully landing a project.
  • Efficient management of resources and work breakdown is achieved.
  • Offers mobility to help connect onsite personnel with the corporate office, thus ensuring faster communication and efficient time management.
  • Seamless integration of project management, billing, financial management and human resource for improved project management.
  • Provides better customer relation services through tracking and analysis of all customer activities.

Manage your projects effectively and at ease leveraging on the power of CEM AX Project Pro, the adept solution for project management.

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