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Company: Wachter Inc.
Location: Headquartered in Kansas, United States (multiple locations nation-wide)
Industry: Technology Services
Software: Upgrade from AX2009 to AX2012; Implementation of Microsoft dynamics AX-certified payroll add- on

Wachter is the leading national solution and service provider of electrical, data, communications, automation and other complex building systems. They offer businesses the technical expertise and support they need to gain a competitive edge by increasing productivity, lowering operational costs and streamlining internal processes. As Wachter’s business needs became bigger and more complex, they understood it was time to upgrade as the AX2009 version no longer fit their needs. Wachter decided a new ISV solution was required to handle their complex payroll processes.

“Running payroll on AX 2009 was very time consuming,” says Sara Fry, Accounting Manager – Wachter. While considering a new solution Wachter needed to ensure their partner met their specific payroll needs. Certified Payroll has numerous compliance policies that require a more complex payroll system than AX provides. Among these are the policies governing wages across projects. This new system needed to manage the shifting wages of their prevailing wage employees.

Further, Wachter is a nationwide company with presence in all 50 states. As such, they are required to be compliant with every state’s local taxes. This results in a very complex payroll even without considering the prevailing wages. Due to their various locations there were many tax issues that needed to be resolved.


When CEM Business Solutions stepped in, they first understood Wachter’s needs fully and then worked to provide a solution that would not only save them time but also fulfill their Certified Payroll needs.

Wachter has a large workforce and therefore greater requirements. In addition to their challenging payroll calculations, they needed a system that offered them the ability to generate payroll on time. Originally the system was taking too long to process payroll, but CEM Business Solutions worked to drastically reduce the time it took for the system to run their 1,200 employees. CEM Business Solutions also worked with Microsoft to get hotfixes and ensure that Wachter’s payroll ran accurately.

After Wachter decided to upgrade, they knew they needed to find a way to replicate their Certified Payroll customization. Wachter has two types of payroll. They have salary employees with standard payroll and field employees, some of which require Certified Payroll. It was important that the system Wachter chose to handle their payroll met their standard payroll and Certified Payroll requirements to the fullest. When CEM Business Solutions showed Wachter their certified product, Wachter and felt it was good fit.

With help from Wachter’s exceptionally talented team, CEM Business Solutions was able to successfully deliver a payroll system that fulfilled all of Wachter’s needs.


  • All 1,200 employees are processed using project timesheet and paid through the payroll add-on
  • Upgrading from AX 2009 to AX 2012 enhanced the entire payroll process for Wachter
  • There was a 40% reduction of processing time after all optimization was done

“Our upgrade has been a long road, but we’re finally live! I appreciate CEM’s efforts, expertise and partnership. I wanted to express my gratitude for your support. We couldn’t have done it without you,” says Mark Hufford, IT Director – Wachter.

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