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Managing employees can be hard but managing remote employees during a pandemic-led lockdown can be downright daunting. While the Covid-19 pandemic has created various challenges for the workplace, the situation has prompted positive changes when it comes to preparing, managing, and motivating remote employees. 

Companies have been adapting themselves quite well. For the most part, employees also feel satisfied and engaged to their companies’ response. McKinsey & Company found that 77 percent of employees indicated they had the necessary information to adjust, and 78 percent felt their company responded to the crisis appropriately.

This pandemic appears to be leaving a lasting mark on how organizations operate and manage remote employees. Employee productivity relies on how responsive companies behave. Employees are four times more likely to be engaged, and six times more likely to report a positive state of wellbeing if their organizations responded well to the crisis. That’s a huge difference to make! 

That is why companies across the board need to continue (or start) embracing long-term remote working solutions. As cliched as it may sound, the change should start from the top. 

Here are our top four solutions to successfully manage and motivate remote workers. 

 Move to the cloud

Companies who digitize and move their assets and processes to the cloud have emerged to be the most successful in improving their resourcefulness and agility. Accelerating a cloud migration process will not only allow a company to be more functional remotely, but also attain significant cost savings that come from error-free automation. 

Go mobile

Whether you are providing mobile solutions or remote equipment, providing employees with what they need to succeed off-site is crucial. This includes anything and everything that empowers employees from all backgrounds and industries to succeed in their tasks and projects from anywhere. 

Employees need mobile solutions that enable instant communication and collaboration on projects and documents. Employees in the construction industry can track and manage construction equipment and maintenance reports from afar, gain access to work files and servers. All this can happen in a data-secure cloud that delivers the wares straight to our browser.  

Do you work in a complicated industry such as construction? There are industry-specific solutions that provide the best alternatives. CEM Business Solutions’ Daily Log, for example, is a construction manager’s mobile assistant that tracks every detail from the job site and brings it immediately back to the office. 

Whether you need a construction management software that specifically focuses on construction needs or an integrated solution to best engage donors and volunteers for non-profits or the best project cost monitoring solution, there are modern and mobile business remote applications built just for you.

Time and Attendance 

Gone are the days where employees argue that they couldn’t do payroll from home, or they couldn’t effectively report their remote time without a physical timesheet. With cloud-based platforms and software, hourly, salaried, and subcontracted employees can securely enter time on-the-go, manage time off, track their pay and easily receive manager approval for various processes.  In addition, an integrated system allows time and attendance to be automatically transferred in to payroll for a more automated process that eliminates human error.

Goal oriented

Working remotely comes with lots of distractions. This makes it even more vital for employers and management to create goal-based tasks and projects. Investing in a performance management system can improve performance and cultivate a more positive employer-to-employee relationship. The system enables constant feedback, accurate assessments, documentation, and goalsetting and tracking.

Learn more about CEM’s applications made for your industry. We make managing remote workers simple with our solutions customized to your needs!

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