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Company: Location: Performance Contracting Group (PCG)
Location: United States (over 40+offices nation-wide)
Industry: Specialty Contractors
PCG Profile:
Software: Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CEM Union payroll

Performance Contracting Group (PCG) is a leading Specialty Contractor in the United States that offers more than 25 different industrial and commercial construction services. PCG’s power lies in its people. They are an employee-owned company with 40+ offices nationwide. PCG employs more than 950 salaried individuals and over 6,300 skilled craft workers – who are the key reason behind their award-winning project executions.As PCG delivers projects across many states, its union payroll needs to account for earnings and deductions by projects, locations and multiple unions. Their union payroll needs to include journeymen packages, complex overtime and double time formulas, health, pension, welfare, dues and other fringes. Union changes are frequent and data capture needs to be made in bulk, nonetheless in a simplified way. Timecards for union workers need to feed into the payroll system. The payroll gets processed on a weekly basis and checks need to be cut and monies need to be deposited into their respective accounts. All union and regulatory reports need to be submitted on time, every time.

This is a truly daunting task – week after week!
PCG has been a Microsoft Dynamics customer for more than 10 years. Their payroll was in an external system. PCG used NuView, a cloud-based software for payroll and union payroll. The support at NuView was coming to an end and they were looking for alternatives.


PCG did multiple proof-of-concept demos over a period of six months and CEM Business Solutions’ union solution was deemed the best fit as their software could handle all their complex union rate calculations. CEM’s union payroll was built on the Dynamics US payroll module and was natively integrated to the HR, project accounting, accounts payable, bank and so on.

Thus, PCG gained the benefit of a fully integrated solution built on the native platform, and didn’t have to think of any other third-party integrations or project timesheet integrations.

None of the other providers could give them the value that CEM Business Solutions’ union payroll got them.

CEM   Business   Solutions           worked          jointly with   PCG’s   in-house    team    to    deliver    CEM Business Solutions’ Union Payroll solution. CEM also built in a lot of additional features that the union module needed, to help deliver a solution that would be easy to maintain. Data migration scripts were made to automate the union payroll rates and changes. CEM was more than an ISV – a partner that worked with PCG to achieve a high level of automation and integration with the native modules of Dynamics.


With the new system in place, PCG could process its weekly union payroll accurately with speed and ease. CEM Business Solutions’ Union Payroll module calculates the taxes based on the project location and posts labor costs to projects. PCG now enjoys the benefits of an integrated ERP system, all within the Microsoft Dynamics ERP framework. Set-ups in the project, HR and payroll module drives the payroll of thousands of salaried and hourly union and non union workers.

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