For Immediate Release
June 2020
Matthew Stathis
01. Granite Construction Company works with CEM Business Solutions to upgrade high-quality ERP software system


Montvale, NJ – Granite Construction Company WLL, a cutting-edge EPC contracting, construction company headquartered in United Arab Emirates is working with CEM Business Solutions to increase efficiency, cut costs and be on the cutting edge of technology.

Over the past 45 years, Granite Construction has performed a variety of projects for clients around the world. However, the company quickly learned by servicing large enterprises that it needed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that was compatible with their clients’ systems and that consistently delivered quality work on time.

“We are a very efficient organization and pay enormous attention to details. We want our IT to be implemented in a way that it continuously improves this factor,” says Duraivel S., Project Controls Director. “In this digital world, keeping up with advancements in technology is necessary for company’s growth. Technology gives us the edge and we trust Microsoft and CEM for the same.”

Granite Construction started working with CEM Business Solutions, when they began looking for a system with better access to front project sites and ways to access data more efficiently from remote locations.  They also wanted a better tracking system to control costs and project ways.  

They choose CEM Business Solutions Software in 2015 to implement its ERP software system.

Now, they are upgrading to Dynamics 365, the latest version of the Microsoft ERP, an end-to-end solution handling the construction industry needs exclusively. The CEM software’s features bring all the construction industry processes into one integrated system. In addition to native Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CEM also delivered a variety of other solutions, including ones to help with PMV (Plant, Machinery, Vehicle), Scaffolding, Tools Management and Concrete and Rate Contract solutions.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is the perfect tool for Granite Construction Company WLL because it has saved them time and costs,” says Sivaleperi Ramakrishnan (Ramki), founder of CEM Business Solutions. “They’ve utilized our software to better manage and integrate data for more than 1000 employees and close to 100 project sites.”

Instead of using several specialized applications and transporting data from one system to another, Granite is now automating their operations and mitigating project risk.

 “We had our assets and resources spread all over project sites. Now, with clarity of numbers, every project manager is conscious of the cost,” said Armen Tatevossian, Vice President Administration & Proposals. “Equipment and assets are brought on site, only when needed, instead of being stored on the site indefinitely. We can see better results because of such initiatives.”

Granite Construction is a cutting-edge Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) that has delivered projects globally in infrastructure, oil and gas, power generation, distribution, storage facilities, defense, desalination plants, water, and sewage treatment plants.

Based out of Montvale NJ, CEM Business Solutions is an industry-leading Microsoft Gold Partner ISV and growing IT company with more than 70 _________.  A US-based Independent Software Vendor established in 2003, CEM’s software on Microsoft Dynamics technology has been implemented to more than 350 customers world-wide.