Challenges with the existing HR and Payroll Systems

Mesa Associates Inc has more than 30 years of experience as a full-service construction management firm and was seeking an HR and Payroll Solution to support its 450+ employees. As Mesa began to expand, the company pieced together an ERP system from numerous in-house, custom-built systems that included an HR solution and Payroll solution. Among Mesa’s home-grown payroll solutions was a time-keeping system they chose to call ‘the intranet’ – which had been built out, piece by piece, to resemble a pseudo ERP system. However, there were multiple HR and payroll solutions, databases, and silos of data across the company – unrelated systems that limited visibility about ongoing projects. This situation resulted in several inefficient business processes and negatively impacted the company’s characteristically high degree of service excellence and integrity. Mesa’s project managers didn’t have an ERP system that included an HR and Payroll Solution so they couldn’t provide stakeholders with real-time information on the projects, resources, and employees.
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CEMBS Solution

Mesa worked with CEM Business Solutions to find a flexible and fully-customizable ERP system that provided an HR & Payroll Solution. Enter Microsoft Dynamics Implementation combined with CEM HR & Payroll Solution, a customizable system to meet Mesa’s unique client-driven requirements. Through this solution, Mesa managed finances, HR, payroll, projects, clients and resources in a single integrated system. Mesa was drawn to the user-friendly, integrated and cloud-based HR & Payroll Solution and also added 9/80 payroll solution to accommodate their unique payroll schedule. Mesa and CEM worked together to provide a number of training sessions to ensure a smooth transfer between the systems.

Business Impact / Outcome

Through Dynamics AX and CEMBS’ HR & Payroll solutions, Mesa improved the efficiency of their existing processes, including:
  • Reducing the amount of time to verify data by roughly 40 percent
  • Cutting costs substantially
  • Streamlining their HR and Payroll Solution by employing the most comprehensive Construction Payroll Solution available

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