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Teamwork and commitment rules the construction sector

Construction Equipment Management Software

Imagine the inconsistencies, data lag, and work duplication if there was no communication and collaboration between payroll, human resource, and construction project management personnel. Now, think about your payroll, human resource, and construction project management software. Are you doing it all right?

 Companies spend a lot of time defining their company culture and values but fail to put them in to practice. Teamwork is defined as a community of people working together to reach their potential. Commitment is defined as being proactive to finding faster, simpler solutions to reach goals. A company can’t value teamwork and commitment on the front-end if it’s missing in any value chain across their organization. 

Although construction companies have understood the power of digital technology, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced them to speed up their digital transformation efforts. According to McKinsey & Company, the Covid-19 crisis will disrupt the construction industry ecosystem in unique ways. As construction companies open with new changes in place, companies will be forced to respond, placing an emphasis on construction companies to prioritize digitization. McKinsey & Company’s expects to see more investments in automation of on-site and back-office processes. 

Finally, the words teamwork and commitment become more than just values. Enter CEM’s UniConstruct, a modern integrated construction software that streamlines the back-end processes, focuses on system interconnection, and exchanges data securely and timely with ease.

This construction management software provides automation in construction by housing a recruitment solution, a construction-focused payroll solution, a construction project management solution, a daily log mobile app for day-to-day activities, timesheets and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, financial accounting, and CRM software. Loaded.

Here’s what CEM Business Solutions’ UniConstruct can do for you:

Data: Our easy report generation enables fast access to the data you need to succeed. All software communicates to one another, providing the most accurate, efficient information.

  • Integration, integration, integration! We integrate to various timesheets, attendance systems, Human Resources/Payroll modules and project/account modules to make this construction management software support you completely.
  • Compliance: Between accurate timekeeping, updating tax rates and processing statutory deductions and reports on time, our construction management software remains compliant with all US labor laws.
  • Ease: We make it easier and simpler to process union and non-union employee payroll, time sheets, day-to-day construction activities, recruit skilled workers and manage your complex construction needs.
  • Modern Digitization: We get you up to speed with the digital era of business by bringing convenience, user-friendly navigation, and modern design templates with our cloud-based construction software.

Why CEM Business Solutions?

CEM’s Business Solutions is a technology-driven software company that provides services in all 50 US states. As a fast-growing IT company, we provide end-to-end delivery of services including licensing, implementation, support, and add-on solutions. 

The best part? We offer a dedicated team of consultants who’s there to help you and your organization reach its goals every step of the way. Talk to us today!

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