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What would you do if you had immediate access to an efficient, dependable global cloud network?

CEM Business Solutions is eager to offer you that opportunity, so you can enable your staff to get things done promptly with a cloud-based approach.

With nearly 20 years of experience in meeting the complex construction industry’s needs, we understand the strong need for construction employees to access vital information from remote locations. That’s why we were happy to partner with Microsoft to offer Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for construction companies.

Microsoft Azure is so dependable, major software players in the industry use it for their day-to-day operations. Just last October (2019), Bentley Systems, a leading infrastructure engineering software company, partnered with Microsoft for a new strategic partnership that further develops digital twins on the Azure cloud platform.

Securely connecting users around the world with Azure-based solutions is becoming a way of life – today more than ever. Whether it’s project managers, engineers, HR or payroll specialists, employees can log in to their normal work environment from any internet-connected computer and run their complete construction management software. Since computing power is done in the cloud, even modest computers can navigate and work on massive files. Having strong Internet connection also isn’t a problem since Azure solutions don’t require that much bandwidth.

With the acceleration of Internet of Things (IoT) in the construction industry, Azure’s cloud technology connects real-time data from devices with existing operational data. We empower Construction Management Software  companies to generate powerful business insights and automate critical business processes with Azure’s full suite of integrated IoT capability offerings. By streamlining your operations with connected IoT devices on Azure’s platform, you can receive failure warnings, location information or pertinent maintenance alerts and reduce delays and downtime by servicing equipment at optimal times.

Through our expertise and engagement with our customers in the construction business, we fully understand your needs. That’s why we use D365 and Azure to offer you solutions that:

  • Support every project stakeholder
  • Integrate your entire business under one platform
  • Access a high level of control, overview and insight within your construction business, both in the office and in the field
  • Take a proactive approach to security, compliance and privacy
  • Securely deploy enterprise apps in the cloud

Call us today and see how we can implement D365 and Azure to meet your needs.

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