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Introducing Daily Log 2.0! Track Your Construction Company’s Daily Activity and Work with CEM’s Daily Log App!

Construction Daily Log Software

CEM Business Solutions has just released our latest software update for our construction Daily Log, called Daily Log 2.0. This updated version promises to revolutionize timekeeping for project managers, allowing for greater accuracy and automation in the tracking of employee hours. Here are some of the biggest changes from the previous Daily Log:

Kiosk Shift Clock-In: One of the standout features of Daily Log 2.0 is the new Shift Clock-In capability. Team members can now clock in and out their own hours through a kiosk at the project site. All you need is an iPad, tablet, or laptop to be accessible for all employees coming into their shift. This feature allows employees to enter their own time using a personalized 6-digit passcode, rather than the project manager spending time each day inputting time for all team members. This capability lets managers keep a better daily work log, and reduces time spent on timekeeping.

Clock-In/Out Buffer: Another useful feature of Daily Log 2.0 is the “Clock-In Buffer.” This feature creates an adjustable window before and after each shift begins to clock in and clock out. The purpose of this feature is to create a grace period for employees coming to or leaving their shift a few minutes off the scheduled time. This eliminates the problem of employees getting under or overpaid and promotes more accurate timekeeping. Managers will be notified if any of their employees clock in too early or too late, ensuring that time records are always accurate.

Automated Overtime calculations: To make scheduling even more accurate and automated, CEM has created a new feature for overtime automation. This lets the project manager assign ahead of time the rules for overtime and double-time. This could be based on the days of the week or hours worked during the week. This makes the process even more automated and takes some of the pressures off the project managers.

Task Assignment: In addition to these new features, managers can assign new projects to employees through the Daily Log app. Once an employee is added to a project, they can see information relating to the project, along with the opportunity to add to the project’s daily activity log. If a project no longer needs a worker, managers can also remove employees using the Daily Log app. This allows for greater efficiency and flexibility when it comes to managing projects and staffing needs.

Meal Period: Under the same tab where project managers can create Clock-In Buffers, they can also create meal periods. Managers can enter meal periods into the system, automatically assigning a mealtime to the employee’s time worked. This automation eliminates the need for managers to go back into the system to subtract mealtimes from their employees’ hours worked.

Overall, the new 2.0 update to our Daily Log app makes the timekeeping process faster for project managers by increasing automation in timekeeping. As a result, this decreases the amount of work project managers must do and decreases the chance of manual entry errors. The software update also provides greater flexibility in managing projects and staffing needs, making it an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.

The software is available now, and we highly recommend trying it if you are looking for a more efficient and accurate way to track employee time. This product is perfect for companies who need construction and maintenance daily log reports. If you are interested in learning more about Daily Log 2.0, hit the “Book A Demo” button on the top right of this page! The CEM team would love to meet you and get to know you and your company’s needs.