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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sure Step: Mitigating risks and ensuring success during ERP implementations

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When we implement effective processes that improve data and workflow management – AND better utilize resources like human capital, finance, assets and materials – we end up spending time, money and effort. So, choosing a technology partner for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation or upgrade is a BIG DEAL.

Studies show that implementing ERP itself can be a big challenge for many companies. Gartner, for example, reported that 75 percent of all ERP projects fail. Panorama Consulting Solutions found in 2015 that 58 percent of organizations rated their latest project as a success – this jumped to 88 percent by 2019.

With those stats looming, is an ERP system worth the time, money and effort? Yes, yes, and yes.

An ERP system is crucial for significant positive impact in a company. Construction and Construction Management Software  companies specifically see these major benefits from an ERP system:

  • Improved project management
  • More accurate estimations
  • Faster ROI
  • Streamlined planning
  • Connected stakeholders
  • Informed decision-making

So what makes an implementation process successful? In order to mitigate risks, we have to remain within budget and schedule, and choose a company with reputed success and consistent implementation process.

Good planning, expertise and a solid process tackles the challenges involved in complex ERP processes. CEM Business Solutions is an experienced partner who helps companies every step of the way.

Companies can be confident in our implementation process because we use Microsoft’s Sure Step, a full customer lifecycle methodology that was launched in 2007 and can be applied to all Dynamics solutions. Through the Sure Step methodology, we help companies achieve successful implementations that are on time, on budget and on specification.

The Sure Step method engages clients at every phase, step and process. Although our approach and deliverables change depending on the project type, (e.g. ‘Standard’, ‘Enterprise’, ‘Rapid’, ‘Agile’ or ‘Upgrade’), we use Microsoft’s structured, prescriptive phase-by-phase and activity-by-activity guidelines.

There are six phases in the Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology:

  • Diagnostic– We determine the right solution to meet your needs and provide you with a key understanding of the solution requirements
  • Analysis– We define the activities required to initiate and effectively plan the entire project
  • Design– We configure the overall Microsoft Dynamics solution and the design specific customizations to meet your requirements, as communicated during the Analysis phase
  • Development– We work with you to build and test the system components, including developing the customizations, integrations and interfaces and data migration processes
  • Deployment– We see all the efforts of the project team come together for a successful transition to the new Microsoft Dynamics solution. This includes End User Training, User Acceptance Testing and the actual cutover to the new or upgraded production environment
  • Operation– We continue all activities required to close the project, provide post-production support and transition the solution and knowledge to you

We also provide our customers with resources, including a stream of project tasks, adaptable tools and templates and additional resources in the Microsoft Dynamics community.

This sound methodology is the heart of successful ERP implementations. Following the Microsoft Sure Step methodology ensures that CEM Business Solutions successfully implements the Microsoft Dynamics solutions to all of our customers.

If you are ready to successfully upgrade your outdated ERP software and create highly engaged stakeholders during a critical time of business growth, consult with one of our experts today.


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