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The Construction Surge Emphasizes Need for Effective Union Payroll Software

Union Payroll Software

Construction is booming. And as construction companies amp their projects, hiring and recruitment efforts are at all-time high.

The market is causing construction companies to think long-term investments and address challenges facing the construction industry by establishing good systems and processes with digital solutions. Construction companies that go digital will bring together the industry’s diverse stakeholders to drive impactful change.

But, there’s one stakeholder that construction companies need to appease now — unions. Union construction employment is back up to 2019 levels, but the amount of construction projects is even higher. Whether from an executive order or from the sheer volume of federal government jobs, unions are making gains all around.

Construction projects are gobbling up local contractors. In order to keep up with the demand and workflow, there will be a surge in bringing out-of-town contractors to complete projects on-time.

So, what does this mean? Construction companies cannot afford to lose contractors due to unnecessary frustration from manual payroll errors, incomplete reporting, delinquent payments or breach in union contracts.

Since salaries and benefits are often the top concern for working professionals in today’s hot hiring market, there is a dire need for construction companies to quickly adopt an efficient payroll software designed to simplify calculations, bring accuracy to filing taxes and reports and provide customized job and cost codes for the construction industry. Construction companies need to prioritize investments in unions, and that starts with finding the right union payroll software.

Here are some construction-specific tools that can help construction companies easily manage union payroll, prevailing wage, and government compliance reports:

Customized setups

The biggest difference processing payroll for union employees comes down to all of the various codes and setups needed. Between union deductions, pay scale differences, fringe calculations, pay rates and tax rates based off locations, a union payroll software needs to have customized setups that allow companies to setup multiple unions and codes. This provides construction management companies with all the tools they need to make compliance reports and fringe benefit management much easier.

Automated calculations

Processing payroll for union employees with multiple wage rates can be challenging. But in construction, processing payroll for a single union employee in a single day can be just as challenging. That’s why your union payroll software needs to boast automatic — and flexible — calculation engines for fringe benefits, mass earnings, overtime, union deduction, wages, multiple labor classifications, and more. Calculation engines also save time and headaches by preventing error-prone manual calculations and simultaneously processing payroll for union employees and regular-pay employees.

Union payroll reporting

Among the construction-specific tools needed to help ease union payroll needs to be the added bonus of being able to handle union reporting. That means easy access to labor union data for flexible union payroll reporting, including EEO-compliance tracking, construction-specific reports, year-end reports for tax filing, tracking workers compensation on projects. Your system should be able to create detailed reports and setups in minutes that will manage the most complex union requirements.

Integrates with time tracking solutions

While unions require intensive compliance and time-tracking, having the right tools in place can simplify payroll for union employees. With a cloud-based time and attendance tracking software, HR specialists can get added support with timesheets automatically reported right from the field. Besides automated processes that help simultaneously process payroll for union employees and non-union employees, there is also the added functionality that helps ensure skilled craft are only closing on from the geographic area designated by the employer. No more headaches or stress transferring or disputing hours, integrating solutions such as a time and attendance solutions into your Union Payroll Software streamlines time tracking processes frees up employees to focus on more strategic projects.

How CEM Business Solution Can Help

We offer automatic union payroll processing for accurate, easy and hassle-free union payroll. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping your company adopt for this new era of technology with digital solutions that proactively address some of the top challenges in the construction industry. We offer a series of construction-specific payroll solutions that manage all your complex payroll functions and determines the proper union rates, differentials, overtime assessments, fringe benefit management and payroll taxes all under one roof.