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The New Game-Changer For Construction Companies

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The pandemic has completely changed the way we work and drastically altered the employee/company dynamic. But while leaders are navigating this new digital environment, technology solutions are emerging to help resolve the challenges that have arrived on the new scene.

For Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Software  companies, these solutions will help resolve issues that have plagued the industry for a long time. These issues include engaging and connecting scattered employees, decreasing employee turnover and enhancing knowledge sharing.

Recently, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Viva, the first digital Employee Experience Platform designed to enhance employee engagement. As a Microsoft Gold Consulting Partner, we at CEM Business Solutions will now offer Viva to our customers.

When paired with any of the HR, payroll and construction management solutions CEM Business Solutions already offers, this could be a complete game-changer for Construction Management Software  companies. Take, for example, our Daily Log.

CEM Business Solutions’ Daily Log on Microsoft Secure Azure Cloud brings power and efficiency to real-time data capture. Our construction management software provides immediate insight into the project, its details and its progress on a mobile device.

While CEM Business Solutions’ 15+ year experience and partnership with Microsoft returns control back to project owners for complete oversight of all projects, the addition of Microsoft Viva makes it the go-to solution that brings additional supports to project managers, CEOs, HR professionals and skilled and certified craft.

Microsoft Viva on CEM Business Solutions’ Daily Log provides these benefits:

  • Enhances liability coverage
  • Connects new hires with the information they need
  • Adds health and safety layers through training, safety reminders and checklists
  • Uses employee insights to increase productivity
  • Reduces turnover through engaged employees

Enhances liability coverage

For HR professionals in construction companies struggling with liability and compliance, CEM Business Solutions’ Daily Log and Microsoft Viva provides the solution like no other.

When you utilize the training and safety manuals housed in Viva plus the safety reminders and checklists in Daily Log, your company gains an added layer of liability coverage. How so? Imagine your field worker when a brand-new piece of equipment arrives on site. Checklists on Daily Log can prevent that worker from getting assigned the task that involves that equipment until the skill appears on their Viva Topics card. Since Daily Log is already a cloud-based app, workers can complete the training from Viva Learning directly on site.

Connects new hires with information they need

What’s so huge about Viva Topics is that it preserves valuable institutional knowledge and makes sharing knowledge even easier. Approximately 41 percent of the current construction workforce will retire by the year 2031, according to the National Center for Construction Education & Research. When these employees retire, they are leaving behind a huge void as they take away with them instructions, experience and knowledge. Viva and CEM Business Solutions’ Daily Log connects knowledge to the field and instantly puts it in the hands of field workers. For new hires who are don’t yet know Who’s Who or the processes a company uses, Viva guides field craft to find information that they need and has it readily available. So, when a project manager uses Daily Log to send a message and tells the new craft to find “Logan” for the equipment, Viva’s Topic Card will show the new employee exactly who “Logan” is and all of “Logan’s” projects and history.

Adds health and safety layers through training, safety reminders and checklists

Daily Log was already known to enhance workspace collaboration through the ability to instantly share knowledge, work process, materials and equipment details, and images from the field with a simple, user-friendly interface. With Viva Topics, project managers and leaders can automatically build topic pages and topic cards using suggested definitions, related content, relevant conversations and expertise. The cards can be linked to the shared information in the Daily Log app. For example, when skilled or certified craft see their assigned task, a project manager can also tag the task with a relevant topic card to instantly share safety reminders and checklist before proceeding with a task. The added bonus? Since Viva Insights allows managers and leaders to see work patterns that lead to burnout and fatigue, they can be sure not to assign strenuous tasks when these patterns are present.

Reduces turnover through engaged employees

There is an estimated 21.4% industry-wide construction employee turnover rate, making it one of the highest rates among any industry. However, highly engaged employees are 12 times less likely to leave their company than those who are not engaged. Viva Connections provides a shared landing page so that everyone can be informed, connected and engaged. Whether you are communicating employee news and announcements, new HR procedures or benefit options, company news, or links to your company in the news, Viva Connections on Daily Log brings stories right to the platform they use each and every day. You can communicate across the organization, engage employees and connect with information and knowledge right from your mobile device the field.

About CEM Business Solutions: Based in Montvale, NJ, CEM Business Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner with nearly 20 years of experience offering integrated, high performance solutions to enhance business objectives. Since 2003, our dedicated consulting team has helped Construction Management Software companies achieve more through new technologies and data-driven solutions across 20 countries and 3 continents.

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