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Best Features for a Construction Management Software

Construction Equipment Management Software

When shopping for a new construction management software, you want an integrated system that makes the work easier and offers solutions to some of the top problems in the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry.

Luckily, there are solutions specifically geared for the EPC industry. An effective construction project management software will:
– Handle the complete lifecycle of construction projects
– Coordinate communication between the back office and job site
– Facilitate thorough data collection
– Streamline workflows
– Improve estimating, bidding and change orders

But, each Construction Management Software brings its own strengths and weaknesses.

Here are important features to consider when picking a system:

Data security

When working in the EPC industry, you want to be able to easily access your data from mobile solutions in the field. But, you also want to be sure that your data isn’t susceptible to security breaches. Don’t settle for standard security. Rather, find a cloud-based construction software that uses state-of-the-art FedRAMP-level encryption like Azure, so you can be confident that your EPC reporting and data is secure. Azure secures your data using various encryption methods, protocols, and algorithms, including double encryption.

Easy accessibility

It’s important to be able to access your Project Management system anytime, anywhere. A crafty contractor in the field needs to be able to access the same information and detailed reports as the stakeholder who works behind a desk. Whether it’s via a desktop or from a device in the field, all stakeholders need to have ready access to ensure transparency, manage compliance and mitigate construction site risks. Utilize tools that facilitate data collection, encourage collaboration through real-time web access and securely share documents during site walkthroughs.

Real-time tracking

Construction management software must be able to improve tracking and accountability – or it’s a huge waste of time and money! Find a construction management software that can easily integrate to your construction ERP so you can quickly track all aspects of what’s going on around your project and meet your estimating, scheduling, project management, equipment management, and payroll needs. Connect your stakeholders with a centralized tracking system so they know their construction project’s completion time.

Reporting tools

Your construction project management software should have simple reporting tools that offer procurement intelligence insights, Power BI reports, and real time data. Empower all stakeholders and increase productivity within the process by easily reporting accurate and reliable information. Find a construction-focused solution that utilizes time tracking, construction tracking and reporting tools to improve productivity and accountability, as well as job costing and estimates.

Simple interface

Projects are already complex, you don’t need an ERP solution that makes it even more challenging. Find construction management software that is designed to make your construction businesses better – and is easy to use. Whether it’s facilitating task assignments, tracking time in the field, preventing downtime or extending equipment life, find a modern interface that you are comfortable using daily in order to be able to complete the tasks.

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