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Bye-Bye Payroll Headaches: Tips for Smoother Payroll Reporting

Union Payroll Software

Processing union payroll accurately with complex calculations such as applying union rates, GPPMA rules, shift differentials and fringe benefits can be stressful, overwhelming, and laborious. To apply these correctly for your workers, you need laser-like focus and be on constant alert for slight miscalculations. You need a powerful union payroll software tool that will do it all for you.

Here are some tips for smoother payroll reporting:

 Know your differentials 

In today’s working environment, employees are constantly moving throughout departments and landing new positions. Yet, with every new move or department change comes new position differentials and payroll benefits that must be calculated and processed accurately.

Understanding and tracking these changes must be done carefully to prevent underpaying or overpaying employees.

Track hours accurately

It is difficult to simultaneously process payroll for both non-union and union employees. Having multiple unions under one roof makes the task even harder. This makes it vital for payroll specialists and coordinators to double and triple check their work to avoid errors from manual processes and data entry.

Shut Out Distractions

Union payroll reporting is tedious and detailed. Union payroll reporting, while factoring in special labor laws and handling complex payroll processing, can be downright gruesome.

But knowing labor laws and local agreements is critical. Despite how complex a payroll system is, innocent mistakes manually entered can lead to hefty penalties for employers.

This is why shutting out distractions, whether that means turning off your phones or shutting your door, during payroll week is vital to giving payroll reporting the attention it requires.

 Get a System that Helps

Investing in a software that compiles all the necessary rules and laws while automating the payroll process eliminates human error and gives valuable time back to the organization. Eliminating payroll mistakes results in happier employees and having a more efficient system gives payroll specialists and coordinators the confidence and support to do their job.

 Why CEM?

CEM’s Union Payroll is a technology-driven business solution, providing services in all 50 states. As a fast-growing IT company, we provide end-to-end delivery of services including licensing, implementation, support and add-on solutions.

The best part? We offer a dedicated team of consultants who are there to help you and your organization reach its goals every step of the way.

Here’s our promise with CEM Union Payroll:

Data: Our easy report generation after union payroll processing gives you easy access to the labor union data you need to succeed.
Integration! We integrate to various timekeeping systems, attendance systems, HR/Payroll modules and project/account modules to make this system support you and your organization.
Compliance: CEM’s Union Payroll supports workers compensation and remains compliant with all US labor laws.
Ease: We make it easier and simpler to simultaneously process union and non-union employee payroll and manage your complex payroll functions, all while determining exact union rates, differentials, overtime assessments, fringe benefit management and payroll taxes.

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