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Technology to the rescue! Solving worker shortage with innovative solutions

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Worker shortage in the midst of the construction boom has cast a shadow over the construction industry. However, as the pandemic has shown us, now is the time to find valuable opportunities through innovative solutions. And technology will be the key to addressing talent shortage and building the construction skills gap.

There’s no denying the ways in which next-gen technologies can impact Engineering, Procurement and Construction companies. Automated IT and business models improve field productivity, enhance field-to-office communication and connect every stakeholder involved in today’s project-driven industries.

What’s more, these technologies can go even further!

As many construction management software executive teams reshape their recruitment programs and strategies, and launch new initiatives targeted at the younger generation, leaders must proactively reshape their business operations. Re-aligning recruitment efforts, using digital tools and integrating them with the company’s business operations improve the odds of attracting and sustaining digitally-savvy workers.

Technology plays a vital role in addressing the skills gap. Innovative solutions, digital tools and integrated applicant tracking systems can help construction management software companies in 3 important ways:

Attracting Talent: Today’s professionals grew up with mobile technology. Their hiring experience should meet them where they are – which is exactly what digital hiring software provides. Applicant tracking systems can reach qualified talent faster through instant job postings and sharing on sites and social networks. The added bonus is a modern, user-friendly portal that improves the candidate’s experience and serves as employer branding content. Adding a custom video in your automated follow-up email helps engage young talent and provides valuable information about the role and your company.

Maintaining Talent: Recruitment marketing and engagement does not end once a skilled craft is hired. Through an integrated applicant tracking system, new hires do not need to deal with the hassle of completing duplicate paperwork. Their record moves into employee onboarding, payroll, performance management and construction management solutions. Onboarding solutions welcome new hires with fully customizable and automated workflows that align with the company’s branding, processes and policies. Once they are on the job site, digital daily logs and time and attendance solutions keep new hires on task and productive in the field.

Supporting Talent: Supporting next-gen professionals with career growth and developmental opportunities has proven to be a motivational benefit – and recruitment tool! It is important for construction management software companies to provide that support to field workers. There are a handful of ways digital solutions can fill this need.

  • Field workers can advance their qualifications or skills with easy access to a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Field workers and leadership can take advantage of enhanced communications and reward-based performance goals through integrated performance management systems.
  • Apprenticeships and targeted skills training can take on new forms with wearables. Retiring or out-of-commission workers who still want to stay connected can be regarded as ‘Field Experts’. Newer workers with less field experience can use wearables or their mobile device to ‘ping’ an available, pre-approved Field Expert for training, advice, answers or immediate shadowing
  • Construction wearables that keep workers safe, healthy and productive can serve as a reassurance to new workers.

All of these initiatives can impact the construction skills gap and improve the worker shortage situation that the industry is facing. As construction companies embrace a digital, tech-forward mindset, the tools and processes they implement will change the way they interact with today’s workforce.

For help with creating an environment that is attractive for next-gen professionals, connect with our experts. CEM Business Solutions can help guide your hiring process and employee management systems so they best fit the needs of your workforce.


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