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Five Things to Look for in a Technology Partner

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In today’s rapidly changing technology market, it’s nearly impossible for your IT department to keep up with the latest trends and offer specialized services and relevant technical expertise for each industry.

Choosing the right technology partner helps keep your business competitive and flexible, while growing your company’s portfolio and inspiring creativity.

It is important, though, to select a technology or implementation partner that will help you plan and take the steps your company needs to pay off in the long run.

Here are five things to look for when selecting a partner that will help your business grow.

Demonstrates technical skills, knowledge and passion

Good partners have the skills, knowledge and passion to help you design the product architecture, while making additions and customizations that offer the best solutions for your customers. It’s not just about finding a partner that provides a product but finding a partner that offers a service and solution that works with your offerings. You also want a partner who will offer continuous support and expertise to help your client best address their challenges.

Establishes a collaborative working process

Successful partnerships learn from one another’s working styles and products, and collaborate throughout the strategy, design and planning to provide the best implementation for your client. Partners need to be able to listen to your needs, and establish transparency through clear two-way communications. Partners should proactively suggest ways to overcome challenges and work for your immediate and future goals. Collaborative partners ease your mind when introducing solutions to a project or client!

Thinks beyond implementation

Providing a digital solution for a client isn’t a one-and-done. Rather, it is a continuous process that evolves over time. Find a partner who is always thinking about the next step, and ways you both can help address your long-term problems. If you are investing time and money into a solution, you want an innovative partner who can increase your leads, revenue streams and customer loyalty.

Complements your offerings

If a partner doesn’t offer the services that you need or have a way to integrate into the solutions you already have, it is a big waste of time! Find a partner who offers digital tools, customer support, expertise and access to the top technology and security so you can take your business to the next level.

Understands project governance

While competition is an important part of today’s society, you want to find a partner who is known to display the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, respect and competence. In the very early stages of collaboration, establish the structure, decision-making hierarchy, and communication process that will move the project forward for you, your partner and your client.

About CEM Business Solutions: Based in Montvale, NJ, CEM Business Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in providing the Engineering Procurement and Construction industry with a variety of employee management services, including high performance solutions, an applicant tracking system, advanced payroll services, daily log and construction management solutions. Since 2003, our dedicated consulting team has helped EPC companies achieve more through new technologies and data-driven solutions.