Construction Management Software

How many times have you heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder”?

But have you actually stopped to consider what that exactly means for the Engineering Procurement and Construction industry?

For an industry that tracks dozens or hundreds of tasks scattered across multiple sites at a time, it’s easy to catch yourself or your employees working longer hours, feeling drained chasing around stakeholders or suffering burnout from being everywhere at once.

However, if the pandemic has left us any glimmer of hope, it is that construction management software software companies can find digital solutions that increase productivity, improve performance from the field and enhance the employee experience.

Enter the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, which can drive even more efficiency with every click. Modern software solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, have moved away from expensive infrastructure and turned toward operations from the cloud. This makes it an ideal choice for construction companies because it’s less expensive to implement and easier to integrate across an entire enterprise and provides all stakeholders with fast and simple access to cloud-based information and documents.

Here are 5 ways a Construction ERP Software improves productivity from a project’s start to finish:

Streamline supply chain operations: What exactly will your complex processes start to look like with a construction ERP software? Utilizing an ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can provide easy opportunities to implement new scheduling or automate workflows within your finance, payroll, talent management and project management. For example, when a contractor enters data into the system, it automatically shares the information with everyone involved in the project. Or, when you receive delivered items in the field (like concrete), your vendor invoices can be automatically matched by the system to the delivery and purchase orders before they are paid to the vendor.

Provides effective communication: A large part of the Engineering Procurement and Construction industry is working and collaborating with others. An ERP software provides collaboration tools and advanced document management systems, so all of your stakeholders, including specialty contractors, certified craft and non-certified craft, can get what they need, when they need it. Whether it’s generating purchase orders, verifying scope and change orders, tracking shipments or sending correspondence, utilizing an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a significant business collaboration platform.

Integrated overview: Whether you are looking for a construction management software or a construction scheduling software, an ERP can control all aspects of purchases, PMV management, concrete management and scaffolding management. Integrate all of your billing, bidding and estimating, change orders, procurement, and construction equipment management and receive notifications for predictive repair and maintenance prior to deploying equipment to make the most out of your craft’s time in the field. No more need for disrupted time in the field, your ERP system can tell your team what production, supply, and inventory needs are based on product demand and predictive maintenance.

Simple time tracking: No more collecting and approving timesheets. Microsoft Dynamics simplifies time tracking with intuitive, one-click entry for employees, easy workflows for manager approvals, accurate records of billable and nonbillable project time and quick access to time analysis. Say goodbye to timesheet headaches.

Utilize productivity tools effectively: Between impressive business and data analytics in Power BI and easy reporting to coaching and development, your construction management software can use tools that seek the best from your employees in the field – and office!  It even offers wellbeing data encourage your team to take time to disconnect and automatically delays email delivery to align with configured working hours for coworkers.


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