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Here’s why you need a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

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Investing in a partner can significantly impact your business’ bottom line – for better or for worse! That’s why it is crucial to find a partner who has earned the highest standards with credible and valuable certification.

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, CEM Business Solutions has established a close working relationship with Microsoft. The Gold Certification recognizes CEM Business Solutions as a company who has earned the highest standards of Microsoft’s widely-recognized partnership program.

So, what does a Microsoft Gold Certification mean?

Microsoft awards certifications to partners who demonstrate the highest IT and technical expertise through customer references and rigorous, industry-proven and industry-recognized exams. These exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

Partners can earn a Silver or Gold level of competency. In order to attain the Microsoft Gold-Certified partnership – the highest level given to Microsoft Partners – a company has to meet additional competency credentials and requirements and demonstrate superior levels of achievement and performance.

In other words…

We strive for the best: CEM Business Solutions is among the elite 1% of all Microsoft Partners worldwide that have achieved the coveted status of Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner.

We have Microsoft as a reference: Microsoft can vouch that we have demonstrated the skill and expertise for innovative technology solutions.

 We’re not just talk: We have proven our skills and expertise through exams and customer success stories.

We are a dedicated partner: We understand that the best partnerships are collaborative and on-going.

We don’t believe in complacency: In order to offer our customers and partners the best, we are constantly elevating our expertise and offerings through additional training and service.

 What’s in it for you? 

CEM Business Solutions is proud to be a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner because we are able to provide even more benefits to our customers. Here are the benefits of Microsoft’s Gold Certification to our customers and partners:

Partnering with a reputable company: You receive the latest advancements in technology because we are partnered with the top tech and software giant.

Access to top-notch technology: You gain technology support and advance access to Microsoft’s emerging proprietary technology.

Access to unmatched security: You receive unmatched security and solutions on Azure.

You can take your business to the next level: You get the latest updates, partner readiness materials, and marketing campaigns to help meet your business goals.

Excellent customer support: You reap the benefits of our continuous online technical support from Microsoft.

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