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Of Promise and Building More – An Award that Excites Us!

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Standing out in an increasingly crowded global marketplace can sometimes prove to be a bit much. A hyper-connected economy and rising and evolving customer expectations are keeping businesses across verticals on their toes and increasing the need for business-impacting digital solutions. The construction sector is, like all others, a highly competitive and demanding place.

In times like this, being recognized as the most promising construction tech solutions for the prestigious CIO Review award is exhilarating.

As most know, CIO Review is a leading technology magazine that delivers information on solutions and services from many different sectors, highlights new technology trends, and features insights and opinions of paradigm-changing technology leaders.

It is indeed a great pleasure to be standing today amongst those who are pushing ground-breaking innovation and changing the rules of the game, one technology innovation at a time.

There’s Change Ahead in Construction

The construction industry is still considered one of the traditional sectors. While digital adoption has been increasing in this sector, the complexity of the industry, the scale of projects, and the number of stakeholders involved are a few of the key reasons responsible for a more conservative approach towards the same.

Today, increasing costs and competition, decreasing profitability, growing complexity of projects, focus on sustainability, waste reduction, and the growing need for efficiency are increasing the push toward digital transformation in the industry.

Construction today needs specialized and integrated digital solutions that are relevant, user-friendly, and resolve the specific challenges of this sector. The challenges across this industry have only increased during and post-pandemic as those operating in this sector grapple to handle complex multi-site projects. Driving collaboration across back offices and remote sites and ably monitoring projects with complete clarity and transparency need well-designed, integrated, and comprehensive digital solutions.

Making the Cookie Crumble – What Construction Demands from Digital Solutions

Digital solution providers for this industry must take cognizance of the unique needs of this space. Complete digital transformation in disparate and traditionally disengaged ecosystems without understanding their complexities as they exist in this industry tends to introduce inefficiencies and aggravates business challenges.

This, along with the fact that this industry has been traditionally a little change-averse, complex, and fragmented, has impeded the pace of rapid digital adoption.

The CIO Review award stands as a testament to the fact that we have been able to solve some of the most pressing challenges faced by businesses in this sector. Our SaaS-based solutions have been able to help this industry:

Manage project complexity with ease – Our SaaS and cloud-based solutions enable seamless collaboration, ensure greater transparency, and enable anywhere-anytime business, thereby driving competitive advantage.

Simplify compliance and audits – Clear data trails and transparent reporting ensure that teams can collaborate with greater confidence. Not only that, but our solutions also help businesses meet the compliance, and regulatory norms demanded of complex and remote projects.

Our integrated solutions provide financial data that is clear, exact, and complete and make these tasks more accurate and less effort intensive.

Ensure payroll compliance – Ensuring payroll compliance in the construction sector is as crucial as it is hard. Those operating in this industry know the various complexities at play mandated by Union, Federal, State, and local laws.

Non-compliance when it comes to payroll can invite unnecessary and time-consuming audits and can even lead to penalties. Our payroll solutions for this industry are comprehensive and integrate with existing financial systems while meeting all the prevailing laws for Union and certified payroll.

The Road Ahead

The CIO Review Award is a testament to our high-quality, cutting-edge technology solutions that are driving digital adoption in the construction industry. One of the key reasons behind this is the fact that our solutions are not point solutions built without an understanding of the specific challenges of this industry.

Our vast industry experience of over two decades gives us a deep understanding of all the barriers to success and the unique needs of the businesses while bearing in mind the technical dexterity of the end user in mind.

Solutions by CEM ably help construction companies achieve complex enterprise goals. From construction software and solutions to minimize errors and help businesses protect themselves from undue claims to turnkey solutions for large complex projects, we have helped many businesses embrace the power of digital technologies. Being a Microsoft Gold Dynamics 365 Partner, we also help our customers maximize their Microsoft Gold Dynamics investments.

CEM has been engineering comprehensive solutions that digitally link processes and people seamlessly, deliver improved visibility, drive informed and data-backed decisions, enhance project performance and credibility and solve some pressing problems in this sector.

This award becomes even more special as CEM is a minority woman-helmed company in a male-dominated industry. As the industry struggles to fill talent gaps, we feel proud to offer opportunities to close this chasm by enabling more women to enter this sector.

The CIO Review award not only recognizes our impactful work in the construction industry but also motivates us to keep pushing the envelope further. We aim to remain curious about the challenges of this industry and keep innovating and pioneering digital solutions that accelerate digital adoption across this industry.