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A Day in the Life: Using Microsoft Viva & Construction Daily Log Software

Construction Daily Log Software

We recently shared how CEM’s Daily Log combined with Microsoft Viva can be a real game-changer for Construction Management Software companies. This week, we show you Daily Log and Microsoft Viva in action. Whether it’s a payroll specialist, owner, project manager or foreman, see how Daily Log and Viva built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 can make your days – and schedules – easier.

Compliant and trained employees

Hector needs all of his skilled craft to complete the latest OSHA requirements. Luckily, he doesn’t need to worry about tracking down craft in the field with yet another reminder. With Microsoft Viva and a construction Daily Log, all the learning and reminders are sent right from his device to theirs.

Here’s how it works: Hector adds the new courses using Microsoft Learning. Skilled craft receive an alert through Daily Log to complete the training. Employees have the flexibility to complete training from anywhere and any device through Viva Learning. Once they complete their training, they can send their certificate to their manager via Daily Log and “share” their achievement with their colleagues through Viva Connections.

No more delays impacting profitability

As the owner of a multi-site Construction Management Software business that employs thousands of team members from all over, Jennifer delegates work but often doesn’t see the final report until the project closes. Combining Viva on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a construction Daily Log, Jennifer can now make informed and important decisions during the project, thereby saving money and time.

Here’s how it works: Jennifer has always been able to access real-time reports from all stakeholders with Daily Log. Now, Viva Insights provides employees with insights to increase profitability. Instead of having to physically visit the job site, Jennifer can communicate with her team through Daily Log and connect her team to past jobs through Viva Topics. When she notices a metric that looks off, Jennifer can use Viva Topics to pull up a past project and see all of its data and figures. She can tag her project manager to those cards so the project manager can see the comparison in real-time.

Project Managers don’t need to waste gas to be strategic

Naturally, large-size projects involve various departments and piles of paperwork. But herding the messages and follow-up is not only time-consuming, it’s wasteful. With Viva on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a construction Daily Log, project managers can skip the travelling and be more strategic on projects.

Here’s how it works: Peyton can skip her morning job-site huddles with some curated messaging through Viva Connections. Using a smart phone, employees can read relevant news, conversations and daily tasks. Then, Peyton uses Daily Log to generate real-time reports to send to owners and customizes scheduling based on who’s more productive during crucial times of the day. When she can’t get to the site, Daily Log reporting software captures all of the information she needs within a matter of seconds.

Even the playing field with construction experience

Dealing with various individuals on a project who all have different levels of experience is hard. Microsoft Viva and Daily Log evens the playing field with flexible instruction and motivation.

Here’s how it works: Geoff just deployed 10 brand new subcontractors to a project – some with experience, some with basically none. When Keith doesn’t know how to use a new piece of equipment, Geoff uses Viva Topics to tag him to a step-by-step document to bring knowledge directly in his palms. When he doesn’t know what motivation works best, he uses Viva Analytics to gain personalized and actionable insights that help each contractor thrive.

Be confident in the numbers

Every payroll manger rolls his or her eyes at the famous, “Hey. You guys took much out of my check!” But now, Viva on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a Construction Daily Log Software helps accounting specialists and bookkeepers communicate with employees easier and fix pay discrepancies with a click through their payroll solutions.

Here’s how it works: Time and attendance, billing and payables are all captured by a mobile device in the field, with location-based services and document scanning. Gene receives that information at the office through her payroll solution and uses one system to instantly calculate payroll and properly allocate the costs to each job. When that favorite subcontractor sends Gene an e-mail disputing a payroll, Gene uses Microsoft Connections to share an article about wage garnishments, tax percent rates or location-based taxes. Gene also doesn’t need to wait for requests to create special reports. In Viva, Gene can add reminders and checklists to automatically generate reports after payroll through payroll solutions and email them to all of the stakeholders involved.

Make informed decisions in the field

There’s no need to allow disruptions to impact your deadlines. Microsoft Viva and Construction Daily Log Software keeps the project moving with predictive insights, delivery and shipment tracking and boosted team morale.

Here’s how it works: Kim’s expecting to pour cement so the rest of the crew can get moving on their projects. Kim uses a construction Daily Log software to track the weather to see what makes the most sense for pouring concrete. Instead of calling the office for a delivery status, Kim logs into Daily Log to check the arrival status of the supplies and makes sure the team completes all the priorities needed before that arrival comes. Using Microsoft Connections with Daily Log, Kim and team move forward with tasks and share photos with stakeholders who can’t get to the field. If the shipment is delayed, Kim can make the best-informed decision because he has instant access to all of the project information. When the team completes a task against a tight deadline, Kim can celebrate the team’s accomplishment with a shout-out via Viva Connections.

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