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Top Payroll Tools and Solutions for Your Construction Business

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As competition heats up, today’s businesses need the functionality in their technology to help them address some of their most critical – and unique – Construction challenges.  That means managing the payroll complexities for certified, union and non-union employees. 

Here are our top four tools for payroll products in the construction industry: 

Secure mobile technology: There is no need to burden your company with the errors and tedious labor that comes from paper timecards in today’s digitized workforce. Today’s payroll solutions need to work on a secure cloud that integrates with time and attendance solutions to handle workers and projects spread out across various regions and states. 

Automation: Save time and minimize errors with automatic calculations, automated processes, and set-ups. Today’s construction companies need payroll solutions that automates pay rates, fringe benefits, deductions, and taxes for as many trades, jobs and jurisdictions your projects encompass. 

Easy oversight: Use one integrated system and bring together multiple internal systems for complete compliance management. When you have one system that can see the entire scope of the project at work, you can see productivity and labor costs analyses in real time, while summarizing labor cost information and catching potential problems early on. 

Instant reporting: Today’s construction companies need to minimize risk and liability at all costs. Companies want payroll solutions that can manage complex union requirements for multi-union, multi-state payroll processing with built-in compliance safeguards, easy report generation, and full union capability. 

With these scenarios in mind, CEM offers a variety of payroll solutions to ensure smooth payroll processing and to keep your workers happy. 

Here are our most popular payroll products for the construction industry:  

Advanced Payroll: A comprehensive advanced payroll software that integrates with your ERP system and offers unique and more robust calculations and configurations. 

Union Payroll: An automated payroll solution that helps you manage all of your complex union payroll needs. Your company can handle any number of trades in every U.S. jurisdiction simultaneously. Using customized setups and built-in compliance safeguards, union payroll processing gets simpler and easier. 

Certified Payroll: A payroll software that handles prevailing wages and Davis-Bacon Act compliance for federally funded projects. Produce a variety of reports including WH-347 reports with a few keystrokes. 

9/80 Payroll: A payroll automation system that accommodates the 9/80 work schedule and several other flexible schedules along with the corresponding payroll process in just a few clicks. 

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