Microsoft Inspire 2021: What we learned

Construction Management Software

We’re only successful if you’re successful. That means creating new opportunity for you across every sector and every country.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, Microsoft Inspire 2021

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner, CEM Business Solutions strives to offer the best solutions and constantly elevates our expertise and offerings through additional training and service.

So, we were eager to learn about the latest news and updates that came from Microsoft Inspire 2021, a two-day virtual celebration for Microsoft partners that shares the latest news and updates that helps us support help our customers across all industries.

It’s all about the cloud: There were a handful of new, advanced specializations related to the Azure cloud platform that will help companies with security and compliance during this remote era. These will allow for all companies to integrate security solutions, while also reducing the complexity, cost and risk.

Another highlight is that Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability will be available in preview later this year. This new cloud offering that enables organizations to record, report and reduce their emissions on a path to net zero. CIOs will be able to easily report on IT carbon emissions, companies will be able to offer their customers a sustainability scorecard to track progress against their carbon emission reduction goals, and customers will be able to pinpoint specific emission areas and track if they are meeting their emission reduction goals. We are excited to see how this impacts the Construction Management Software.

Easier Integration: Whether it’s returning the Dynamics 365 Human Resources App back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP or allowing Microsoft Teams customers to more freely access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 data within Teams, the new updates and announcements makes it easier and more consistent for customers. Imagine the easier collaboration with all D365 data now accessible from Teams, and HR data residing in the same database as other Finance and Operations apps. Although CEM Business Solutions offers a handful of HR solutions, these new integrations will add new HR functionality to our offerings.

Reduced app development time: Microsoft announced enhancements to their Business Applications ISV Connect program. This change will reduce our app development time and allow CEM Business Solutions apps and modules go to market faster. This helps our customers get the customizations they need – faster.

Engaging employees for retainment: We’ve been excited about Microsoft Viva since it launched. So, we are even more excited to learn about the addition of 20 new Viva partners. This continues to be a huge game-changer as it provides more integrations to enhance the employer experience for this new world of hybrid work. With the addition of new partners, employees have more tools they can use to communicate, share knowledge, learn and re-charge.

Microsoft is committed to helping partners like CEM Business Solutions grow our business and help our clients. We are excited about the investments Microsoft is adding in partner technical capabilities. This will only add value for CEM partners. When you partner with CEM Business Solutions, you gain access to all of the perks that can help take your business to the next level.